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Key strengths of MEDIPOST CDMO service

MEDIPOST provides the best service through its domestic/NA GMP facilities in compliance with the latest GMP regulations, talents with extensive expertise in stem cell therapy development, and various service options.

Capable of speeding up clinical trials/commercialization by leveraging stem cell therapy development experience
Owns extensive experience in product approval obtainment and due diligence
Owns manufacturing facility with advanced biopharmaceutical approval
Acquired Human Cell Management Business Permit
Owns manufacturing facility with foreign partnership
Potential cord blood/placenta/umbilical cord donations from partnering hospitals
Potential cellular raw material donations from partnering hospitals

CDMO services

Agreements with donor hospitals

Operating as a cord blood banking company, we can provide donation support for biological raw materials such as peripheral blood/placenta/umbilical cord/cord blood through existing partnerships with hospitals.

Drug delivery service

MEDIPOST provides safe and time-sensitive delivery of biological raw materials or drugs to clinical trial sites with bespoke temperature control

Contract manufacturing service

MEDIPOST has provided manufacturing services to our clients for many years with our professionals’ extensive experience and know how.

1. Autologous / allogenic / xenogeneic cell therapy
2. Immune cell therapy
3. Gene cell therapy
4. Exosome
5. Cell culture media

Gene injection service

MEDIPOST provides viral vector manufacturing support for gene cell therapy production

Drug storage service

MEDIPOST offers raw material procurement/storage management solutions and drug storage services according to specifications

CDMO facilities and equipment

the size of GMP suites designed for simultaneous manufacturing (m2)
the number of culture vessels that can be operated at the same time
the number of vessels for ultra-low-temperature storage

As the MEDIPOST GMP plant is in Seoul and close to large hospitals, it is an optimal location for clinical trials and commercialization

· Size : 1188.87 m2
· 10 separate manufacturing zones that can be operated at the same time



· Capable of culturing 2,448 175 T Flasks at the same time
· Capable of culturing 272 Cellstacks(10) at the same time
· Capable of culturing 4 XPN-200 bioreactor vessels at the same time


· Ultra-low temperature storage of 72,000 2mL Cryotubes


· Owns large capacity centrifuges, K-sep, multi-plate bioreactors, filling machines

Key cell culture equipment (125)

· Bio safety cabinet (25)37%
· CO2 Incubator (26)39%
· Multi-gas incubator (53)50%
· Large capacity incubator (6)15%
· Multi-plate bio reactor (4)10%
· Down-light microscope (10)18%
· Digital microscope (1)3%

Separating/filling and storage equipment (28)

· K-sep (1)3%
· Large capacity centrifuge (2)6%
· Centrifuge (14)21%
· Controlled rate Freezer (4)10%
· Filling machine (1)3%
· Cell storage tank (6)15%

CDMO service processes and inquiry

If you have inquiries regarding our CDMO service, please leave us an online inquiry and we will respond as promptly as possible via e-mail or phone call.

· Unit 802, 2nd Daeryung Post Tower, 306, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
· Contact : +82 2-866-7141