MOVITA Nutritional Supplements

Customized nutritional supplement solution, MOVITA®

First Gift for Your Loved Ones
MOVITA® is MEDIPOST’s nutritional supplement brand which provides smart nutritional solutions for the well-being and happiness of everyone in your precious family. MOVITA® provides tailored program to suit the individual’s or family’s nutritional needs based on customer’s age and live-phases with a wide range of products manufactured with only the top-quality ingredients.

Gyno-pHresh healthy female probiotics

· 5billion Probiotics per capsule guarantee
· Contains two patented lactobacillus strains isolated from the vagina of Korean women

Dinokiki Probiotics

· Probiotics for children’s intestinal health and necessary for normal immune function
· Contains lactobacillus reuteri derived from breast milk

For Obstetricians & Gynecologists

· Customized nutritional supplement solutions for pre-, during- and post-pregnancy (including lactating phase). for the mother and the baby