Cord Blood | 2021-01-14
High Integrity and Fidelity of Long-Term Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord Blood for Transplantation
The high-viability recovery of long-term cryopreserved CB suggests that successful hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation and other clinical applications, which are suitable for treating incurable diseases, may be performed regardless of long-term storage.

· Issue information | J Clin Med. 2021 Jan 14;10(2):293. doi: 10.3390/jcm10020293.
· Co-author | Gee-Hye Kim, Jihye Kwak, Sung Hee Kim, Hee Jung Kim, Hye Kyung Hong, Hye Jin Jin, Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, Soyoun Um
Cord Blood | 2013-08-01
Cryopreserved Cord Blood Progenitors and Their Cell Adhesion Molecules Are Increased by Coculture With Osteoblasts and Parathyroid Hormone.
Despite the cord blood(CB) cells induces lower immunogenicity, CB transplantation is also associated with delayed neutrophil and platelet recovery relative to bone marrow transplantation. This suggests a possibility to increase the engraftment of hematopoietic cells in CB by increasing the abundances of primitive cells bearing adhesion molecules in the presence of hPTH.

· Issue information | J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2013. Aug;35(6):e229-e233.
· Co-author | Yun Kyung Jang, Miyeon Kim, Hye Jin Jin,Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, and Young-Ho Lee
Cord Blood | 2004-01-01
Maternal and Neonatal Predictors of Hematopoietic Potential of Umbilical Cord Blood Units
This study presented criteria for selecting optimal UCB units at the time of collection in large scale UBC preservation and useful data for cost-effective operation of UCB bank by selecting, processing, and preserving neonatal UCB.

· Issue information | Korean Journal of Blood Transfusion 2004; 39: 23-8.
· Co-author | Choi SJ, Yang SE, Yang YS.